You’ve got to see this gorgeous color!

Green Gold is much more rare in supply. This classy chain is perfect for permanent jewelry lovers who want to stand out from the rest.

Hand Faceted Marquise Chain

Available in Sterling Silver & 14k Yellow Gold-fill

A Seminoe exclusive, this light reflecting chain has been hand faceted in house with a luxury handmade finish you won’t find anywhere else. Experience permanent jewelry SEMINOE STYLE.

⚡️ What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a hassle free, custom fit chain with no clasp. You sleep, shower and go about daily life with your permanent jewelry always on. Seminoe offers dozens of styles of chain in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, and 14k Gold-fill. A tiny, 100% painless, micro-weld is used to secure your bracelet, anklet, ring or necklace in just a few minutes. This is permanent until you choose to remove it by cutting the chain.

(Pictured above, a simple Sterling Silver cable chain with a horsehair imprinted bracelet bar.)

Precious Metals Offered

⚡️ Sterling Silver

Sterling is 92.5% pure silver. A classic metal loved by many.

⚡️ 14k Green, Rose & Yellow Gold

Although commonly referred to as 14k “solid gold”, this is not an accurate statement. Anything below 24k, is an alloy. 14k Gold consists of 14 parts gold to ten parts other metals. This adds strength, as pure 24k is too soft and impractical for everyday wear without issues. Each color variation has it’s own unique recipe. The magic metal that is responsible for green gold’s color is Silver!

⚡️ 14k Rose & Yellow Gold-fill

At a more affordable price point than 14k “solid gold”, Gold-fill has a thick outer layer of 14k gold that has been bonded to a brass core that will not wear off like plated jewelry does rather quickly.

Seminoe offers over 40 styles of chain in several width varieties catering to your personal style.

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Private Parties & Event Booking

Interested in permanent jewelry services for a party or event? Seminoe Metalsmithing can come to you! Storefront pop-ups, ladies night, birthdays, weddings, and bachelorette’s parties are just a few examples.

Why choose Seminoe Metalsmithing?

Wyoming’s First Permanent Jewelry Co. – Before this service was offered by any Wyoming company, people were traveling across state lines in order to experience the luxury of permanent jewelry. Lacey owned a micro-welder and already possessed the skills necessary, so she decided to become the first company in Wyoming to offer the service. This enabled her to further share her love of jewelry with an in-person, custom fit experience with her customers. Her precision Orion 150s is used in laboratories, universities and research & development institutions around the globe, unlike popular permanent jewelry welders with limited power control. She pairs this with Argon, a necessary shielding gas required to achieve a proper weld. Without it, welds are left brittle and prone to cracking.

Experience – Lacey began her journey as a Metalsmith in 2017 when she started working for a jewelry supply company. Her natural ability to achieve high productivity with a low error rate, led her to working from a dedicated workshop at home within the first 6 months of employment. For this company, she handmade over 150,000 pieces for jewelers worldwide. In 2021, she founded Seminoe to focus on her own jewelry ideas and make a dream become reality. Equal experience is rare for companies offering permanent jewelry services.

Handmade Charms & Connectors – All charms & connectors offered, are original designs. Handmade in-studio by Lacey, each piece is cut, polished and drilled one by one. The first and only in the state to exclusively offer her own handmade add-ons, she uses the same colors and quality of metals to perfectly match her chain inventory. Some are inspired by our great state, others to showcase the beauty of gemstones. Exclusively offering a handmade selection is important to her, especially in an oversaturated market of mass produced supplies.

Free Rewelds – Seminoe is also the first company in the state who offers this to customers! Snagged your piece? No worries, it happens! Permanent does not mean indestructible, as all jewelry has limits. Bring it to any event and the repair is free. Need an MRI or having surgery? Re-welds are free! Don’t hesitate to reach each out if you are unsure about removing your custom fit jewelry yourself or if have any questions/concerns.