About the Founder

Driven by a lifelong love of jewelry, Lacey first started realizing her passion by working for a jewelry supply company in 2017. Lacey combined high productivity with a low error rate, which shortly led to her working from a shop at home for the very same company. In her spare time, Lacey discovered she not only had an appreciation for jewelry, but she also had a talent for making her own unique designs. What began as tinkering, quickly blossomed into a fully realized passion. Lacey began learning various techniques, largely self-taught, and developing her own designs. After encouragement from her family and friends, Lacey ventured out on her own and founded Seminoe Metalsmithing in 2021.

Her favorite pastime is fishing, whether it be on shore with toes in the sand or basking in the sun afloat. In fact, Seminoe Metalsmithing is named after Seminoe Reservoir in Carbon County, Wyoming—one of her favorite fishing spots and where she was afloat when she made the decision to follow her dreams. It is probably no coincidence, then, that one of her most popular designs showcases a speckled trout pattern deemed a keeper by anglers locally and abroad. Each spot is placed by hand one at a time. Just like the fish species, no two pieces of the Trout Collection are the same. They are quite the catch!

Early on in developing her metalsmithing skills, Lacey experimented with unique materials to make patterns. Through her experimentation, she came to develop impressions made with horse hair and the results are stunning. Lacey creates every item by hand in her shop, resulting in each piece being truly one of a kind. She also takes custom orders for keepsakes that is not limited to horses. This can allow you to have a custom piece of jewelry made with the hair of a beloved animal, or a keepsake from a special hunting trip such as using an antelope’s mane. Do, however, keep in mind that fine hair does make a smaller and more delicate looking imprint.

Wyoming Flora is her newest collection, inspired by the delicate intricacies of nature she feels is too often overlooked. She uses hand-picked wild plants and leaves she gathers during outdoor adventures throughout Wyoming. Even in the winter, died off flora is gathered to preserve the undeniable beauty of resting mother nature. Just as each plant is unique, each piece is truly one of kind—even when mirror images are created for earring pairs. The imprints of the plants are permanently preserved in precious metals, to be appreciated and enjoyed for years to follow.

When the permanent jewelry trend was gaining in popularity, Lacey realized there wasn’t a single Wyoming company offering the service. Already owning a micro-welder for her studio, it was destiny. So, she eagerly made the decision to become Wyoming’s first permanent jewelry company. Dozens of chain varieties are kept in her inventory for a custom fit experience that reflects personal style. All of her charms and connectors are original. She designs and handmakes them in-studio. They are made from the same precious metals as the chains offered, for a perfect match. As with her finished jewelry collections, some were inspired by our great state and others to showcase the beauty of gemstones.

Lacey makes a true effort to set herself apart from others. She believes that there is plenty to go around for everyone but it is also important to be true to one’s self.